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Skulduggery Pleasant

Monday, June 25th, 2007

Skulduggery PleasantBy Derek Landy [LibrarythingAmazon]

When Stephanie’s Uncle Gordon dies and leaves his house and fortune to her, she finds that she’s also inherited her fair share of dangerous secrets – not to mention the friendship of the walking, talking, magic-wielding skeleton Skulduggery Pleasant. A detective by trade, Skulduggery is investigating the mysterious circumstances surrounding Gordon’s death, which he believes are tied in with a plot to bring back a race of evil, destructive gods and destroy civilization as we know it. Together with Ghastly the magical boxing tailor and Tanith the goofy-but-ruthless swordswoman, and armed with a little bit of magic and a whole lot of snappy patter, Stephanie and Skulduggery must navigate a network of conspiracies and double-crosses in order to unlock Uncle Gordon’s secrets and save the world.


Atherton: The House of Power

Monday, June 18th, 2007

Atherton By Patrick Carman [LibrarythingAmazon]

Like the other denizens of Tabletop, Atheron’s middle level, eleven-year-old Edgar can’t read. So when he comes across a secret book that was left to him years ago, he has no choice but to climb the almost-sheer cliffs separating Tabletop from the ruling level, the Highlands, in search of someone to read his book to him. There he befriends a quiet, bookish boy named Samuel, who reads in the book the hidden truth behind Atherton’s recent earthquakes – the Highlands are collapsing into Tabletop. As the people of Tabletop discover the treachery of those in power and prepare to make war on the Highlands, Edgar embarks on a desperate journey to the desolate Flatlands, Atherton’s lowest level, where he may find the answer to the mysteries of Atherton’s very existence – and, possibly, its destruction.


Dragon’s Blood

Thursday, June 14th, 2007

Dragon’s BloodBy Jane Yolen [LibrarythingAmazon]

Austar IV used to be a planet-wide penal colony, but these days it’s a gambling world—people come from all over the galaxy to bet on the dragon fights. For Jakkin Stewart, a bond servant, those fights hold his hope. He’s managed to steal a hatchling from his Master and is raising and training it in a secret desert oasis, hoping that when it’s big enough, he can take it to the fights and win enough money to buy his freedom.


The Ratbridge Chronicles #1: Here Be Monsters!

Thursday, June 7th, 2007

Here Be Monsters By Alan Snow [LibrarythingAmazon]

Arthur has lived underground with his grandfather his whole life, until one night, while foraging for food, he witnesses a sinister group of men on a cheese hunt – even though hunting wild cheeses has been outlawed for years. Soon Arthur finds himself wrapped up with the cheese hunters and their mysterious plan to destroy the city of Ratbridge. With the help of his fellow underground denizens, the clever boxtrolls and the shy cabbageheads, plus a ragtag crew of piratical humans, rats, and crows, Arthur must stop Snatcher and his fellow Cheese Guild members before they eliminate Ratbridge – and the peaceful creatures living beneath it – forever.