Bookathon: Alphas

Book Six
Starting Time: 9:45 pm
Ending Time: 12:15 am

Title: Alphas
Author: Lisi Harrison
Genre: Teen drama llama
Pages: 271
Summary: Backstabbing and boy-craziness at an ultra-high tech school for talented teenage girls, run by a Machiavellian bitch-goddess.
Thoughts: I want to stick a spoon into my ear canal and scoop this book out of my brain. Uggggh. I hate the “catty rich girls” subgenre of girls’ media out there, and this is a prime example (the author has also created The Clique series). Everyone in this book is vile and the prose is so aggressively trendy it will be dated next week, not to mention nonsensical. “Skye launched into a perfect pique turn, arms wide, hands clasped, as if hugging Kevin Fat-erline. ‘You want to be solid and liquid at the same time, like an unopened juice box on a whirling merry-go-round.'” NONSENSE. There’s rampant fat-hate, a mostly-white and definitely pro-blonde cast, and the whole thing is just a training manual for a future generation of materialistic sociopaths who view all other girls as competition and all boys as fresh meat. Also, “LIP-KISSING” IS NOT A THING. STOP SAYING IT. NOW LOOK WHAT YOU’VE DONE, MY EYES ARE BLEEDING.

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