Bookathon: Summary, Jess Edition

Books Read: 13
Pages Read: 3,225
Hours Read: 23 hours, 1 minute
Hours Blogged: *shrug* 2, maybe?

Final Thoughts: Whew! I am pretty happy with the amount of reading I got done this weekend. It’d be interesting to know how I would have done without losing half of Saturday; next year I’d like to break 24 hours. It’s a weird feeling, ending – half of me never wants to read another word, and half of me is wondering why I’m wasting time right now, not reading. It’s going to take a while for this motor to run down.

I’ve also realized why I mainly stick to middle grade stuff; young adult books are depressing! Seriously, the happiest book I read all weekend was the wacky vampire farce comic book. Everything else was about feelings. Feh!

Still, I am very, very glad that I did this, and already looking forward to doing it again next year. Annnnd now it is time to pass out.

(Payment details tomorrow!)

    2 Responses to “Bookathon: Summary, Jess Edition”

    1. MotherReader says:

      Great reading! I find with YA that I really need to mix it up for the challenge or you can end up in a set of depressing books.

      Thanks for playing!

    2. Liyana says:

      Great job, I hope to see you participating again next year! I agree with Mothe Reader, I tried to have loads more lighthearted books because if not, reading became a drag.

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