Goose Chase

By Patrice Kindl [LibraryThingGoodreads]

Simple goose girl Alexandria should never have given the old beggar woman the last of her food. The woman turned out be her fairy godmother, and now Alexandria is the most beautiful girl in the world, with tears of diamonds and hair that shakes out gold dust – and trapped in a tower by an evil King and a foolish Prince, both of whom want to marry her. With the help of her geese, she escapes, but she still has to overcome ogres, wicked baronesses, and a decades-long conspiracy if she wants to reach her happily ever after.

I read this on the recommendation of my friend Mackenzie, and she was totally right – it’s incredibly charming. I love fairy tales, and this has all the rhythms of one while being rather tongue-in-cheek about the whole thing; every flouncey speech that came out of the characters’ mouths made me laugh.

There’s actually not much to say about it – it’s just straightforwardly good. Alexandria is a likable protagonist; she’s clever and brave, but also has a tendency to think too highly of her own cleverness and not listen to other people. The Prince – who turns out to be perhaps not as foolish as Alexandria originally thought – is a big lovable sweetheart, and the villains are nicely threatening. The reveals, too, are well-paced so that you gradually twig to the big twist just before the characters do, which is always ideal.

I feel like I should be saying more about this book, but really it’s just a fun, fast read with a good heroine, and I highly recommend it for some light reading. Four and a half cupcakes.


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