Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Chapters 1-5

[By J.K. Rowling]

The Great Harry Potter Reread continues with chapters 1-5 of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, in which Harry meets Dobby, goes to Ron’s house, and returns to Hogwarts in, er, triumph.

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    1. Jessica says:

      Fascinating autobiographical note: I read Prisoner of Azkaban before this one, and so this book always reads as a weird sort of prequel to me, even though I’m fully aware that it comes before PoA.

      I feel bad saying this knowing how things turn out for Dobby (and knowing what a mess the politics of house elves are in these books), but I’ve always found Dobby really, REALLY annoying. He’s totally the Scrappy Doo of the series. Admit it!

      On the one hand, Harry’s inability to expect that adults will listen to or stand up for him totally makes sense, giving his childhood. On the other hand, it makes me crazy. JUST USE MAGIC TO GET YOURSELF TO HOGWARTS, THEY WILL UNDERSTAND WHEN YOU EXPLAIN THAT THE DURSLEYS KEPT YOU LOCKED UP.

    2. Betsy says:

      THANK YOU! I’ve always disliked Dobby. I always have said he’s like the Jar Jar Binks of the series. Everyone else thinks Dobby is this wonderful, endearing little elf, but I just can’t stand the way he talks.

    3. Rebecca says:


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