Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Chapters 6-10

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets[By J.K. Rowling]

Comment here on chapters 6-10 of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, wherein Harry starts hearing a disturbing voice threatening to murder people, but doesn’t see any reason that might be important to report to an authority figure.

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    1. Jessica says:

      I think Lockhart is one of Rowling’s best creations. I mean, I want to throttle him every second that he’s on the page, but that’s the point, so well done, Jo! (Though as usual, I find myself wondering why Dumbledore hired someone I’m sure he knew was an obnoxious fraud. I guess someone who isn’t actively trying to kill the kids for once is an improvement.)

      The first use of the word “Mudblood” – and the reveal of what it means, and Hermione’s heartbreaking ignorance – is really effective and powerful. It really gives the effect of the worst slur imaginable, which I have to guess is the intent. But the word winds up being thrown around so casually later in the series that I feel like the impact is lost.

      Also, this is another really good mystery. Nicely creepy, too. (And as much as I rag on Rowling for the over-the-top violence and borderline child abuse in these books, this is a good example of a scary story that’s still appropriate.)

    2. Rebecca says:

      Agreed on all counts.

      The more I reread, the more I wonder why Hogwarts doesn’t have some sort of orientation class for students from Muggle families. Harry’s in his second year and he doesn’t know things like apparate. He didn’t know how wizarding money worked, or, presumably, the wizarding government. These would be useful things for students to know!

      Basically, I think Hogwarts might be a terrible school.

    3. Yeah… Rowling is good at building a story; less so at building a world. I remember a discussion on LiveJournal about Hogwarts and accreditation.

    4. Jessica says:

      My guess is that actual Muggle-borns get some kind of explanatory packet – Hermione managed to get to Diagon Alley and onto Platform 9 3/4 without Hagrid. Harry’s initial letters may have even included this information, but they wouldn’t have bothered to put all that in if Hagrid was going to pick him up.

      But yes, Hogwarts is an extremely terrible school. Foreign languages? Social studies? UNNECESSARY.

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