Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Chapters 16-18

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets[By J.K. Rowling]

We now conclude our reread of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets with chapters 16-18, in which the most powerful, most evil wizard in the world is defeated by a pre-teen. Again.

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    1. Jessica says:

      Hagrid tried to raise werewolf cubs under his bed? Um…those are people. Did he steal babies and hide them under his bed???

      *sigh* The issues with purebloods vs. Muggle-borns and personal choice are so nice and clear-cut in this book. If only it hadn’t turned into such a big mess with the whole All Slytherins Are Evil thing. (Although again, I have to point out the problem with “You are in Gryffindor because you chose not to be an evil racist bastard. We do still have a whole house full of evil racist bastards, though, and we put the formerly-evil, pointlessly vindictive guy in charge of them to foster their xenophobia. Keeps things interesting!”)

    2. Rebecca says:

      Not to mention, like, Tom Riddle tells Harry they have stuff in common, that they’re both … I don’t remember if he says half-Muggle or Muggle-born, but it’s something like that. And no, Harry isn’t. I get that they talk a lot about blood purity, but both of Harry’s parents are magical. Lily may be from a Muggle family, but she is not a Muggle, therefor Harry is not half-Muggle!

      I also want to know how wizarding gets passed through families. It doesn’t seem to follow actual genetic patterns or anything. Which I’m sure is overthinking it, but since the whole idea of pureblood wizards is such a huge aspect of the series it would be nice if it all fit together logically, idk.

    3. Jessica says:

      He says they’re both half-bloods. I don’t know, I’m not bothered by the inconsistency there – to someone like Riddle, the difference between one old-wizarding-family parent and one Muggle-born parent and one old wizard family parents and one Muggle parent is completely negligible. (And Hagrid does draw a distinction between Harry and Muggle-borns in PS/SS.)

      But I do agree with you on the second point – is it a recessive gene? Is it blind chance? Muggle-born students are supposed to be fairly common and Squibs extremely rare, so shouldn’t the wizard population be growing exponentially? I guess they keep themselves secret by wiping out scads of wizards with bloody wars every 20 years or so.

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