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We love hearing from our readers! Whether you agree with us, disagree, know of a similar book, want to know what we thought of another aspect of the book or the upcoming movie, or want to show us a Jello mold you made of one of the characters, we want to hear it.

However. We do have some guidelines.

– Be polite. This means no ad hominem attacks (insults) of the reviewer(s), the author, or other commenters (“omg you’re stupid for disagreeing with me!”) or threats (“you should die!”). Feel free to disagree with us all you want, but do it civilly or your comment will be deleted.

– Keep it on topic. You can talk about the book that’s being reviewed, the author’s other work, books with similar themes, etc. This is not a chatroom or a place to post fanfiction. We don’t want to hear about your new haircut or your math teacher’s weird mole or what your cat is doing. Come on.

– No one-line or one-word comments. “lol” is not an appropriate comment. Have some content in there, or it’ll be deleted.

– Beware of spoilers in the comments if you don’t want to know how the book ends. You can read more about that in our spoiler policy.

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