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The Keys to the Kingdom #7: Lord Sunday

Sunday, July 25th, 2010

By Garth Nix [LibraryThingGoodreads]

Arthur has battled and defeated the first six trustees, but now he must face the most powerful of them all: Lord Sunday. To make matters worse, the House has almost completely collapsed into nothing, his best friends Suzy and Leaf have been pressed into dangerous military service against the Piper’s army, his mother is missing, and he is now completely, irrevocably a Denizen. As he struggles to overcome Lord Sunday and free the final part of the Architect’s Will, the Will’s true meaning is about to become clear, shaking the very foundations of the House and all of existence.

Since I can’t discuss my reaction to this book without talking about the end, major spoilers are unhidden behind the cut.


The Keys to the Kingdom #6: Superior Saturday

Saturday, September 6th, 2008

Apologies for the lack of posts! I have been completely swamped with moving. However, now that I can read on the subway (as opposed to the bus, which gives me a stomachache), I should be able to get a lot more Active Voicery done. Here’s hoping!

Superior Saturday By Garth Nix [LibraryThingAmazon]

In the beginning, the Architect made the House, the epicenter of the universe, and she made the Secondary Realms, in which to play out her great experiment: life. Then she went away, leaving the House in the hands of seven Trustees. But the Trustees were untrustworthy, corrupted by the power they held, and the House fell into disrepair.

Now 12-year-old Arthur Penhaligon has been chosen by the Architect’s Will as the Rightful Heir. One by one he must face the Trustees, take their Keys, and restore the House to rights. But all he really wants to do is go home.

In Superior Saturday, Arthur, having defeated the first five Trustees, takes on the one who has been working insidiously against him from the start. Disguised as a Piper’s child, faithful companion Suzy Turquoise Blue by his side, he must infiltrate Saturday’s realm – which is entirely populated by sorcerers – free her section of the Will, and take her Key. Meanwhile, his forces are waging war on the Piper’s army, Saturday is waging war on Sunday, the lower sections of the House are crumbling into Nothing, and Arthur is becoming less and less human.