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The Spiderwick Chronicles (The Original Series 1-5, Plus Tie-Ins)

Saturday, September 29th, 2007

Spiderwick 1 By Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi [Series at LibraryThingSeries at Amazon]

When Jared Grace’s mother decides to move Jared, his identical twin Simon, and their older sister Mallory out of the city, their Great-Aunt Lucinda’s house seems like the perfect place. After all, it’s lain dormant since Lucinda Spiderwick was carted off to a mental institution for claiming to talk to faeries. But soon the Grace children start to notice strange things happening on the Spiderwick estate. Faeries, it seems, are real…and not all of them are nice. Armed only with their Great-Great-Uncle Arthur’s handwritten guide to the faerie world, they must protect their home, themselves…and the entire human race.